Alana Coppola

Spiritual Concierge, Certified Energy Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher/Guide, offering Guided Meditation, Sound Bath, Tuning Forks, Past Life Regression Therapy, Smudging/Cleansing/Blessing of Home or Office, Akashic Records, Licensed Massage Therapist

About the Practitioner



I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA later moving to Delaware County when I was 12 years old.  As a young girl I always knew I was special and was here for a big purpose that Our Divine had for me.  I have always been able tap into the gifts we are born with.  These gifts allow me to see, hear, feel and connect with others here and on the other side.   As well as remold/transmute all energy back into love light energy.


Throughout my life I experienced many synchronicities that led me to where I am today along with some special influential guidance from many earthly teachers and past ancestors.  As I practice the law of attraction I allow myself to dare greatly & be vulnerable. It is a passion of mine to be self-aware. Paying attention to what I am creating, my focus/thoughts, my energy placement. Life is continuously changing, shifting, growing & transforming. I live in the ease and flow of my life‘s journey as I expand my education and opportunities.  My own self expansion, transformation & self growth is a priority to me as I raise my vibration while on earth.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends.  I practice various types of moving meditation, yoga & dance. 


In addition to my private practice I am currently offering group workshops & classes at a local wellness center & online one on one sessions.  I am dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of my clients through hands-on holistic healing.  I sincerely aim to help all those I touch reach a balanced state of mind, body and spirit.  Assisting others to raise their vibration and become united to Create Heaven on Earth! 



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