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Spiritual Concierge, Certified Energy Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher/Guide, offering Guided Meditation, Sound Bath, Tuning Forks, Past Life Regression Therapy, Smudging/Cleansing/Blessing of Home or Office, Akashic Records, Licensed Massage Therapist

Services and Rates


Hands on Healing w/Our Divine, Angels, Ascended Masters & Spirit

Alana has developed her own unique Energy Healing Technique.  You will have the opportunity to hold an intention of healing.  Through the Cord of Truth you will be connected like an umbilical cord to Alana & All that IS.  She unites with that of which that comes from ONLY the Highest of Truth, Love, Light, Healing & Knowledge.   Holding sacred space to facilitate your transformation on the Cellular/DNA/All levels of the body.  Assisting your souls expansion in the present, past & future.  Releasing old belief systems, perceptions & what ever is no longer serving your highest of good.  This hands on healing includes various forms of symbols, tapping, pressure point, flicking, rubbing etc.  These are all forms of how Alana removes the energy & transforms it back into love light energy.  She then fills your cells & raises your souls vibration.  During the treatment Alana receives guided messages that will be shared at the end of the session.                                                     60 minute session ~ $95.00                                                                  


Co-Creation/Co-Healing Session ~
Looking to co-create, heal or gain clarity on a business vision, dream, new perception, relationship with a partner, friend or loved one/family member?  During this session Alana will connect you to one another, the expanded consciousness of source along with your angels and guides. You will join together on a soul/cellular level as you hold a heart centered intention.  Alana will be facilitating a hands on energy session with you both as she releases what no loner serves you and imprints what is for your highest of good pertaining to your intentions. Your creative power unites opening and expanding your awareness.  Together you will harness and ground all you are manifesting in this now moment.  Flow in the magic and bliss!!!  This omnipotent session will close with a sound bath.  Cleansing your cells, raising your vibration, bringing your physical and emotional body into harmony/balance.  Alana will intuit messages during the session that will be shared at the end for you to record.
Session ~ $95.00 per person  (total $190.00)



Guided Meditation with Angels, Ascended Masters & Spirit offering Vibrational Therapy/Sound Bath & Hands on Energy

Do you want to connect with your Soul? Are you ready to release what no longer serves you?  Are you ready to shift and expand your heart and consciousness?
Let’s take a journey and go on a Guided Meditation with our Angels & Spirit.
You will receive a hands on healing, letting go of old belief systems, perceptions and be given special gifts designed for each individual.  Musical instruments will also be used to heal and move the energy.  Raising the souls vibration.    At the end there will be time for sharing & questions. 

Individual Sessions 60 minutes ~ $95.00                                                (Guided Meditations are also available to purchase)

Group 60 minutes (Price may change depending on location of offering)

5 people $45.00 each                                                                           

6-10 people $40.00 each                                                        

11-20 people $35.00 each

(90 min group sessions also available)



Customized Individual Offering

Co-create with Alana a customized session together.  You will discuss what resonates & what is for your highest of good at this time on your journey.   Offerings can be done in person during a 1 on 1 session, online, OR Alana can create a special custom designed recording just for you!

Customized Group Offering

Bring together your family and friends.  Co-create with Alana a customized group session.  Offering guided meditations, sound baths, chakra and auric field cleansing, intuitive messages from spirit and more!  Give yourself and those you love the gift to renew and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit!

The session may include but not limited to ~

Guided Meditation ~ Each meditation is pre-recorded with a unique theme/topic.  Connecting you to your Higher Self/Soul,  Source/Our Divine & your Angels/Guides/Tribe together.  Alana's meditations have all been intuitively downloaded from Source/Our Divine.  All working &                     co-facilitating on the cellular level of the body.                                                         (Guided Meditations are also available for purchase)  

Vibrational Therapy/Sound Bath ~ Sound baths balance your energy field back into harmony. They cleanse your cells, and the best part is, you don't have to work to receive their benefits. All you have to do is breathe and listen.  Each instrument creates a different frequency that vibrates in your body and helps guide you to a meditative and restorative state.  By using particular combinations of rhythms and frequencies, it is possible to shift our normal beta state (alert, concentrating, reacting) to an alpha (creative, relaxed), and even theta (meditative state) and delta (deep sleep; where restoring and healing can occur).  Sound healing therapy uses aspects of music to improve your physical and emotional health and well-being.  Alana is intuitively guided prior to your session together what instruments your body is requesting.  Some of the instruments may include, Native American drums, rattles, Tibetan singing bowls, Quartz Crystal singing bowls connected to the chakras & musical notes, rain sticks, a variety of chimes some are connected/attuned to the elements of air, water, earth, fire & more!

Walking Meditation ~ We begin by grounding and connecting to Gaia. Holding our intention for our journey. Focusing on our breath. We will learn with each step we take how to bring our awareness to the soles of our feet. Feeling each part as our foot as it becomes one with the ground beneath. Connecting to our senses and our surroundings as we tune into our bodies frequency. Inviting ourselves to cultivate a deeper relationship between self, source and all that Mother Nature is bestowing upon us.

Fire Ceremony Release ~ Alana will drum and hold sacred space as you honor your soul. We will ground, burn away and release all that is no longer serving us.  (this can be done with an actual fire or through our intention. If we have an actual fire we can write down all we are releasing and place it in the fire.)  The power of intention will be forged in the fire. The fire will release giving back to the universe and transforming all into love, light energy. Feel the light, warmth and strength of the fire. You are FREE! Invite in the new! Letting in all the gifts the Universe/Source has bestowed upon you. Opening up to new beginnings! For NOW is the time!

Gaia Ceremony ~ During this ceremony we will share our gratitude and love with our dear Mother Earth. We will begin by planting heart centered seeds within our intentions to grow within her. For this will create a shift and ripple within us and through all of mass consciousness.  Honoring Gaia, the Divine feminine within ourselves and all the mother's who have walked before and after us through music and body movement. Invoking the powerful fire within us to be expressed and integrated into the now. Reminding us of our beauty, strength and wisdom.

Vocal Imprinting/Musical Melody ~ Alana will sing allowing her vocal cords to bring forth a personalized melody/chant.  The frequency of the musical notes & vibration will recalibrate the body on all levels/dimensions.  As she tones the energy waves raising the bodies vibration/frequency in all your bodies systems. 

Tuning Forks ~ C (128 hz) & G (192 hz) when used together create the perfect 5Th.  Thus creating space for healing & higher consciousness.  The combination of these two forks brings the nervous system into balance along with the mind & body.  The forks can be used in various areas of the body to assist with healing, balance, relaxation, pain, digestion, sleep and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Tuning Forks also integrates your left and right brain for clearer thinking.
They tune the natural cycles in your bodies, known as the circadian rhythm. This helps you bring your natural cycles to stimulate homeostasis. Tuning forks repair your DNA structure by creating vibrations that are in rhythm with your spinal cord. When your spine is in harmony, the right cells are created to promote health. They also distribute Qi (life force energy) in your body, by uniting different body energies. When your Qi is activated, energy flows freely inside your body to promote healing. The forks also improve the healing of strained muscles, tendons and increases bone density. When your body is balanced, you can heal physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically.

Complementary upon request ~ add on service to one area of the body

$45.00 ~ add on service to full body

Hands on Energy w/Angels, Our Divine & Guides - This offering is in person or online.  Alana allows herself to be the tool as she holds sacred space for all that comes from the highest of love to flow through her.  This energy assists you with expanding your heart & consciousness by dissolving old belief systems & perceptions.  Messages along with what she intuits with be shared at the end of the session.

Auric Cleansing/Smudging/Blessing - Alana will cleanse and harmonize your chakras, body and auric field with a special sage/plant blend.  Bringing all the bodies systems back into balance.  As she performs this ceremony Alana will intuit messages from spirit and your body just for you!

60 minute session ~ $95.00

30 minute personalized recordings ~ $125.00

Group 60 minutes ~    5 people $45.00 each                                                                         6-10 people $35.00 each                                                      11-20 people $30.00 each




Skin/Dry Brushing and Massage

Each session begins with grounding and connecting to the Angels & Source.  This allows us to connect energetically to one another and all that comes from unconditional love.  Being more authentically in the body and in the present moment as you receive a healing from our divine during our session together.

A relaxing journey awaits as we exfoliate and support the immune system.  Improving circulation and supporting the lymphatic system by eliminating toxins and removing dead skin while promoting collagen production.
Your skin is the largest organ of the body.  Caring for your skin is caring for your body’s health.
Dry brushing leaves your skin softer boosting skin elasticity as it unclogs your pores, reduces cellulite and promotes collagen production.  This full body session will be complete by hydrating the body with a light massage releasing stress & rejuvenating the nervous system.    Included will be your own dry brush to take home.
Session ~ $125.00
Add on ~
a 10 min Sound Bath/Vibrational Therapy For an additional ~ $15.00
If you are currently scheduled for a massage therapy session you may add
Skin/Dry Brushing on for an additional ~ $60.00 take home brush included.


Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy increases blood flow, circulation and mobility to specific areas that need healing.  A gentle suction from the cups will cause your skin to rise and redden as your blood vessels expand. This facilitates blood flow and removes toxins from the body.  It increases the supply of oxygen and essential nutrients required for healthy skin/tissue.  Cupping can target problem areas such as trigger points and adhesions.  It helps to reduce stretch marks and scar tissue.  Some other benefits include, relieves pain, reduces anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, migraines and blood disorders such as anemia and hemophilia.  Cupping can improve varicose veins and spider veins, rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, skin problems such as eczema and acne, fertility and gynecological disorders.  Also used for clearing bronchial congestion caused by allergies and asthma.

Cups are usually left on an area for a few minutes.   After a session you may have temporary discoloration that can last from a couple of hours to a few days depending on the amount of toxins released. 

Complementary upon request ~ add on service to one area of the body

$45.00 ~ add on service to full body



Smudging/Cleansing/Blessing of a Home or Office space 

Cleanse/purify your sacred space.  A phone interview will take place prior.   During the phone interview please share with Alana if you or anyone in the home has any respiratory health issues.  As well as if you have any birds in the home as pets.All questions and any concerns will be addressed as well as what your goal are.   Alana may use a variety of tools and techniques to accommodate every property uniquely and what may be needed for each may differ.                                                                                                                                                                                 $100.00 1st hour                                                                                                          $25.00 for every additional 20min


Past Life Regression Therapy with the Angels & Our Divine

Past Life Regression Therapy is a form of an active therapy process between Alana and the client. Prior to the session a phone interview will be conducted to determine if you are a candidate that would benefit from this type of therapy.

If you are experiencing repeated patterns, belief systems, unexplained phobias, trauma, or reoccurring dreams this type of therapy may assist you.  Some of what you may be experiencing or have been repeating over the years may not even be yours. It could go back 3 - 4 generations throughout your lineage/DNA.  This type of therapy offers a healing not only for yourself in the Now and your past incarnation, but your past lineage/generations. This transformation happens in the Now, the Past and the Future for generations to come.

In a Past Life Regression Therapy session we will focus on a specific pattern that may be connected to a past life. You will be able to connect your core pattern from this life to the past, allowing yourself to connect the dotes.  Giving you the clarity and insight between both lives.  Healing you and empowering you with the knowledge you have been seeking.

Alana has combined this Therapy with the work she intuits with the Angels and Our Divine to allow more ease and a gentle transition on the cellular level during this hands on healing process.  She covers all levels of the body and includes all dimensions that may need to be addressed as the emotions and energy shifts.

A session may last 1-3 hours depending on the client.  After the session you will be grounded back into the NOW.  Time will be given for a brief closing discussion.

Per session ~ $300.00


Akashic Records Reading & Healing with the Angels & Our Divine

The Akashic Records is a vibrational archive of every soul and it's human journey through time and space.  The Records have been recognized as an informational reservoir of insight, guidance, wisdom and healing from the past, present and future.

The Akashic Records are accessed through the heart by connecting with the wisdom and compassion of the clients Masters, Teachers and Loved ones.  Through this technique along with Alana's ability to align to our Angels & Our Divine clarity and healing is given on a multitude of levels specifically customized to each individual.

60 minute session ~ $125.00 




The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy".  So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy".

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.  If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

While Reiki is not a religion, it is still important to live and act in a way that promotes harmony with others.  Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki system of natural healing, recommended that one practice certain simple ethical ideals to promote peace and harmony, which are nearly universal across all cultures.

60 minute session - $95.00

*Reiki can be added to any massage session free of charge upon request.


Integrated Energy Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy is known as "Healing with the Energy of Angels".  It's "Getting the issues out of the tissues".

A IET session will help you to release any negative or harmful energy that had been stored on the cellular level of the body from this life or any of your past lives.  After the energy blocks are cleared the Angels imprint into the cellular memory with the opposite of what has been cleared. 

Each session begins with the client having a silent intention regarding what they want to work on.  For example:  If you could use this energy to heal, shift, change, clear, empower, expand or manifest anything, what would it be?

60 minute session - $95.00

*Add IET to a massage session - $50.00 (30 minute)


Turaya Touch

Turaya Touch is a hands-on energy treatment that works at the cellular level, unlocking the creativity within you and taking you beyond limiting patterns so that you can know the truth in your own heart.  Turaya Touch reconnects you with your Inner Teacher, the integral part of you that guides you moment-to-moment with unconditional love, throughout your life.  As you are willing to surrender to this strength within you, you end cycles of physical and mental defeat.

*Clears energy blockages to reveal the potential contained within the cell

* Allows you to develop deeper relationships

* Assists you in changing negative patterns in to positive ones

* Brings about a feeling of inner peace and enhances clarity of thought

*Aligns you with your creative potential

60 minute session - $95.00

* Add TT to a massage session - $50.00 (30 minute)


Massage Therapy  ~ 

Is the manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person's health and well-being.  Investing in massage is an investment in your health!

60 minute session - $95.00

90 minute session - $125.00

120 minute session - $165.00 (Massage & Angels) or

(Massage & TT)



*Payment is required at time of service*  

*Check or cash only*

*Ask about our referral program*                             













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