Alana Coppola
Certified Energy Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher/Guide, offering Past Life Regression Therapy, Smudging/Cleansing/Blessing of Home or Office, Akashic Records, Meditation, Vibrational Therapy, Licensed Massage Therapist


9/25/18 Hands on Healing w/Our Divine, Angels, Ascended Masters & Spirit

I have had sessions with Alana several time, and her wisdom, discernment and insight have been very beneficial, both personally as well as professionally.



7/14/18 Past Life Regression Therapy with the Angels & Our Divine

Thank you for a very powerful regression session Alana! I can still see that significant past life that has greatly influenced me in this life. Your gentle guidance & patience when I resisted helped me to move beyond the fear of remembering to uncover significant lessons as well as gifts. Your ability to successfully bring me to the end of that life for a life review & to extend forgiveness to those I hurt made me feel good.

The grounding & healing energy work you did before I got up from the table left me feeling energized & grounded unlike other times times when I was regressed.

Alana is a compassionate & gifted healer who genuinely wants to help people. For those looking to explore past lives for confusing behavioral patterns, unexplained phobias, relationship issues & dis ease states, I highly recommend Alana!

Diane C.


6/28/18 Hands on Healing w/Our Divine, Angels, Ascended Masters & Spirit

Before I started being guided by Alana and the angels, I was in a space of fear and doubt; but after just one session with her, I could feel myself release that fear slowly but surely. What Alana does is a catalyst for growth and expansion and gave my soul a head start into returning back to love.



6/6/18 Past Life Regression Therapy with the Angels & Our Divine

What a gift to experience Alana's Past Life Regression/Angel work.  She is a natural healer.  I had a deep Past Life Regression experience with her and felt held in a safe and loving presence throughout the process.

Gloria Shepherd


5/24/18 Past Life Regression Therapy with the Angels & Our Divine

Before my session with Alana I was so nervous. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to be regressed and nothing would happen. To my surprise, not soon after Alana started the process, I was already seeing and getting information. Throughout the regression Alana made me feel safe and calm, at no time did I feel rushed answering her questions. It was an amazing experience and it felt so good surfacing what needed to be surfaced and releasing what needed to be released. The session left me with an understanding that no matter what life we are in we need to forgive, be grateful and love..not just for others, but for ourselves! I left the session feeling full of light and love.

Thank you Alana!



5/15/18 Past Life Regression Therapy with the Angels & Our Divine

To whoever may be reading this, I have something to share!  I suppose there have always been Angles with me. Perhaps they’re with me now. 

On various occasions, however, Alana has been there to Presence them for me and to share with me their messages. Specifically, on one occasion, I was able to actually visit with some, receive their messages directly and walk with them as Alana guided me through an amazing, amazing journey of Angel work.

On a journey of Past Life Regression, guided by Alana, I traveled to and through past lives. I was able to travel safely and without fear knowing that she was there every step of the way. As I traveled to “The Before” and to “The Before” prior to that, I experienced who I’d been at different journeys along my path. I saw the beginning of One of my “truths”. That of being a Healer.  Now, I’ve known that about myself, but what I did not know was at what point in my journey that had begun.  Safely, slowly and lovingly Alana was also able to presence this for me as well!

It is my honor to have had Alana work with me in these two areas.

With much love and gratitude,

D. Alire


Class on 8/15/16, Guided Meditation, Hands on Energy Healing & Vibrational Therapy

My energy is growing receptive to all that is good, Alana is very powerful sitting with a pure heart. 
Thank you,
Nathan G.


Class on 8/1/16, Guided Meditation, Hands on Energy Healing & Vibrational Therapy

Being quiet within in a very chaotic world is a gift we should give to ourselves and I thank Alana for giving me this gift!
Rita J.K.


Massage Therapy

Alana gave me my first-time-ever professional massage. While I had worked in an athletic training room previously, and had been worked on by trainers & assistants, none were certified massage therapists, and none were as intuitive as Alana! The experience was unifying; I felt an awakening of areas that seemed numb and unresponsive to the rest of my body. What was more amazing was that I noticed a heightened awareness in areas over several days following the massage. I will definitely be a regular!



Massage Therapy

I have been a client of Alana's for many years. I travel from New Jersey, it's about a 45 min ride but it's worth it!!! I have been to many high end spas and I never once went back to any of them, due to I never actually enjoyed any of the massages. But Alana is very intuitive and she knows exactly what areas need the most work....and it feels good at the same time!  Her spirituality and the messages she receives is something I look forward to.  I have knee problems and I workout regularly so my muscles are always tight and sore. I feel like a new person when Alana is done with me! It is good to go on a regular basis so your muscles don't get to bad again. Give her a try....I promise you won't be disappointed!!! 

Marcia C.


Massage Therapy

I have been a client/friend of Alana's for over 9 years now and she is truly a gift and expert in her field of massage therapy and energy practitioner.  Her knowledge and caring demeanor are unsurpassed. Thank you for sharing your many gifts.

Many Blessings,



Massage Therapy

Alana has been our massage therapist for the past 5 years, and unless we are traveling, we never miss our standing appointments!  Alana always welcomes us with a warm smile and is happy to see us, as she genuinely cares about her clients.  Alana’s massages are very individualized and she gives you exactly what you want or need. In my case, I enjoy a more flowing massage but others enjoy the intensity of a deep tissue massage. The massage room is so tranquil with peaceful music and softly lit candles. Alana is a very spiritual person and I often receive great advice as well as an exceptional experience.  We travel 45 minutes each way to see Alana and would travel even further because Alana is the best! We are so glad our friends recommended Alana to us!

 Joann and Gary Mercer


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